Founder’s Welcome Address


Dr. B.O Aniebonam

Founder, NAGAFF



It is a very great pleasure for me as the Founder of National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF) to extend to you the warm welcome of the entire members of this great Association.

NAGAFF was formally established to usher in a sustainable freight forwarding practice in the logistics supply chain and to enthrone professionalism in the industry. It was a total liberation mission that led to the pursuit for the establishment of the Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarders in Nigeria (CRFFN) by my good self and a few other great minds in the industry.

Today the development of the sector is gradually moving towards its destination, with NAGAFF on the lead.

I hope your visit to our official website would interest you with the things you will find here. So should you find yourself in Lagos, please feel free to visit our headquarters at No. 2 Maybin Road, GRA, Apapa Lagos, Nigeria. I am sure you would be impressed!

I wish you an enjoyable tour of our site.


Dr. B.O Aniebonam

Founder NAGAFF

2 Responses to Founder’s Welcome Address

  1. MUFTAHU YA'U. C/O Nagaff Northern Region says:

    Nagaff empowerment mission at the Northern Region is timely and worthy of appreciation, we therefore, are verymuch ready to give all necessary support towards realisation of this objective.Longlive Nagaff! Longlive Nigeria.

    • Forwarder Sunday Raymond Okonkwo says:

      The National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders(NAGAFF)has succeeded tremendously in changing the scope of freight forwarding in Nigeria. The platform has impacted so much on us that we can now see ourselves as what we truly are not just “clearing and forwarding agent”. My humble self and the teeming population of freight forwarders in this our beloved fatherland can now boldly prove that we are professionals in our own rights, trained, re-trained and is still receiving tutorials because the major goal the heroes that founded this great association(Nagaff)
      set for themselves is to emancipate freight forwarders via education, and in this area has Nagaff recorded a great success.
      Oga,Ozor Ebubechukwu, I doff my hat to you and those great men that trod and are still treading the rugged path to this great success story. Your footh prints already litter the sands of time. Long live Nigeria! Long live Nagaff.

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