Tin Can Chapter Chairman NAGAFF Applaud CGC for Paperless Transactions Clearance



Tin Can Chapter chairman NAGAFF applaud CGC For Paperless Transactions clearance

The Tin Can Island Chapter Chairman of the National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF) Chief Austin Ekweozor has said that paperless transaction should be implemented by the Comptroller General of Nigerian Customs ?Service, Alhaji Dikko Inde Abdullahi by 2015.

Ekweozor who was speaking during a courtesy visit to the Ports and Cargo? Terminal in Lagos last week said that paperless transaction at the port will further eliminate corruption in port operations and enhance efficiency.

?Ekweozor assured the readiness of NAGAFF to support the customs and make sure that this scheme succeeds because according to him, it will eliminate quack agents from professionals.

“In the ongoing movement for paperless transaction?s, I see it as a very good reform that can help this country, it will help our operations to improve because carrying papers about does not help the system, but when you have your payment receipts and your printouts, all the information you carry will be in the system and this will minimize the fraud we are going through in this country” he said

He noted that paperless transactions in the port system will further increase custom revenue, even as he added that it will also help terminal operators because their book keeping store will be less.

Ekweozor said that custom reforms is a very good advantage for importers and freight forwarders because informations will now be loaded directly into the customs server and this will eliminate alteration on Bill of Laden and other importation documents.

“The last meeting we had with the CAC Tin Can, he told us they are working towards expanding the server to ameliorate the server problems they usually have”

“They promised us that they will invite expatriates that will look into the system to make sure that the capacity of information loaded into the server will be accumulated without server failure, we are looking up to the customs for the future to prove themselves as promised” he said

The NAGAFF Tin Can boss reaffirmed that paperless transaction will make customs, shipping companies and terminal operators’ systems to become more professionalized.

“It will make us to know who is the agent and who are the touts in the port, if you cannot perfect customs document by yourself then you are not an agent, this will separate the boys from the men”

He appealed to importers, port stakeholders and the general public to assist the customs so that they can achieve their revenue come year 2015.



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