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Ekweozor Commended for Rebranding NAGAFF Tincan Chapter

IMG-20151009-WA003The Chairman, National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF) Tincan Island Chapter, Chief Azubuike Ekweozor has described as false the allegation leveled against him by an anonymous member of NAGAFF in the media.

A maritime industry based newspaper (not Primetime Reporters) had on Tuesday reported that an anonymous member of the association has alleged that the association in Tincan Island Chapter had been so quite without any activity going on in the chapter as the Chairman, Chief Ekweozor had no idea on how to steer the ship of NAGAFF in the chapter.

The source according to the newspaper further alleged that the Chairman was imposed on the chapter by the National Headquarters of the Association adding that Chief Ekweozor was never their candidate for the office of the Chairman.

But speaking to newsmen in his office shortly after receiving an Award of Excellence from the Management of Primetime Reporters, Ekweozor remarked that the allegation was a mere fabrication as there was no fact contained in that allegation.

“So, for the blackmailer if I may so address him pinpointed, I don’t think he is close with what is happening in the chapter or that he is close to

NAGAFF. I think he is just seeing NAGAFF from a distance. The person is not close to the association, I don’t think he knows the full meaning of NAGAFF because most of what he alleged in that publication was all mere fabrication, there was no fact.

“He said that the chapter is quite, that nothing is happening in the chapter. The chapter is not quite, that is what I am telling you. He is talking from a distance. You can’t just come in a place a start ringing bell or start shouting and calling people for them to know that things are happening.

“We are professional people, it is only when you interview the customs officers and they say that things are silent that you know that things are silent but as far as I am concerned, the customs and the port operators know that NAGAFF is not silence, that we are doing the necessary things that we are supposed to do”, he said.

He expressed happiness over the award of excellence presented to him by Primetime Reportersdescribing it as very timely.

According to him,” My heart is full of joy because that showed that I am really trying, that I am doing good work because without my good work, I don’t thinkPrimetime Reporters will recognize me for this award.

“So, I am very happy and it will give me more energy and encouragement to continue my good work. At least, it shows that there are good people behind that notice my good work as the Chairman of Tincan Island ports especially from my time as the care-taker committee chairman to this present time that I am now the executive chairman”.

Earlier in his speech shortly before the presentation of the award, the Managing Director/Editor-in-Chief, Primetime  Reporter  Newspapers, Mr. Saint Augustine Nwadinamuo said that Chief Ekweozor had done well as the chairman of NAGAFF in the Tincan Island Chapter in the last twenty months thus the reason for his nomination for the award.

Mr. Nwadinamuo recalled that the ability of the Chairman to restore trust and confidence from the Customs and other ports operator on the association which had been battered before now, the matured way he is approaching issues at the chapter which hitherto would have caused a breach of peace in the chapter, provision of jobs for over ten Nigerian youths among others merited the chairman such recognition.

He said,” And not only that, we discovered that within your stay in office, the relationship between your association and your sister associations have been very cordial unlike it used to be in the past and your approach in handling issues that would have amounted to a breach of peace at Tincan Island ports but for the maturity you bring to bear .

“Then knowing that in this office where we are now, this is my first time of entering here, we are also aware that you have at least ten people working under you who you are empowering from this office thus reducing poverty and unemployment in the country.

“So, these are some of the things we have seen and noticed and deemed it fit to appreciate your efforts so that you will be able to more”.