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Member Benefits


Professional Recognition and Training assistance

Members who possess the requisite experience, qualification and skill before joining NAGAFF, automatically enjoys the full status of a member  and are allowed to add the logo of NAGAFF in their Business cards, Letter-headed papers etc, while those without the requisite background are assisted to acquire the necessary minimum qualifications through the NAGAFF Training Institute.

Information Services

The Association through information service offers members easy access to industry news, update, career information and details of events.

Networking Opportunities

Opportunities abound where members are exposed to industry stakeholders and freight organizations through seminars and conferences organized by the association.  These means are useful ways of making new contacts and learning more about what’s happening in the sector and globally.

Subscription to Journals

The association offers unlimited and excellent opportunities to members to advertise their businesses in her monthly journals/magazine and on the website of NAGAFF.

Career Development

Continuous Professional Career Development programmes, training and research offered by the association training institute are veritable schemes put in place to assist members enjoy the opportunity to upgrade and enhance their professional standing and credibility in the industry.


As a means of encouraging the young and upcoming freight forwarders, the association in most cases grants subsidies and rebates  to reduce the fees payable for local seminars, conferences – exposure to international networking.

Advertisement of Business

Upcoming events, special activities that many not be open to the general public are communicated to our through.