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Aims & Objectives


  • To promote the professional welfare of the members of the Association.


  • To promote and protect the image of Freight Forwarders in all their activities with all other related stakeholders and government agencies throughout Nigeria and beyond.


  • To promote, maintain and enhance high quality standards of practice by members of the Association in line with internationally acceptable standards.


  • To introduce order, discipline and promote unity amongst freight forwarders in the Country.


  • To ensure that freight forwarding gets the due attention it deserves.


  • To promote regular dialogue with the various government agencies and other bodies in the Freight Forwarding Business/Industry.


  • To collect and disseminate statistical data and other information relating to TRADE COMMERCE, INDUSTRY, SHIPPING, MANUFACTURING AND ALLIED Business deemed desirable for the promotion of its objectives.


  • To promote, support (or oppose obnoxious) Legislative or other measures affecting the objectives of the Association and Freight Forwarding Practices.


  • (a)       To conduct training and education for all categories of members

(b)       To establish institutes for the purpose of training and education for

members, as well as, inconjunction with other institutions locally and



  • To borrow or raise money where necessary and to promote or protect the objectives herein set-out and to secure the repayments of such borrowing.


  • To deal with the monies of the Association not immediately required in such manner as may be desired or deemed beneficial to the Association and to place any such monies on deposit with Banks Treasury Bill.


  • To do all things as are incidental or conducive for the attainment of the above rules PROVIDED that Association shall not support with its fund any project or endeavour to impose on or procure to be observed by its members or other, any regulation, restriction, or conditions which if an object of the Association would make it a TRADE UNION and provide further that nothing shall make the Association to engage in the business of INSURANCE OR BANKING.


  • To seek and obtain professional alliance with national, regional and international freight forwarding bodies such as FIATA, TIACA, NACCIMA etc.


  • To provide ancillary services such as;


(a)  Publication of News Bulletin

(b)  Provision of Library

(c)  Provision of Legal Representation

(d)  Assistance in securing Customs Licenses

(e)  Granting of Study Award

(f)   Organizing Seminars/Lectures


  • To act as a voice vis-à-vis the Government, Port Operators, Port Users, Transport Users and Bodies that deal with members.


  • To assist in the simplification of cargo clearance and networking between Freight Forwarders along West Africa Coast and Africa in general, as well as, the world over.


  • To hold meetings for presentation and discussion of information and contemporary issues on freight forwarding particularly as they relate to the Nigeria situation.


  • To conduct, research and engage in developmental programmes for the purpose of advancing freight forwarding practice.